photos © Aleksandra Warchol

An introduction to the inhabitants of Luca.


This installation was placed on the walls as you entered into the village, the Images and objects of local residents who through non verbal engagement made an impression. Objects of reference were placed into the paper bags and identified though photographic portraits of the individuals within their social environment. 



From place to place

A journey documented in images.  An installation documenting my journey from one place to another and the simulation of that environment.  Using the camera to orchestrate my journey, each frame captured the road ahead, allowing the road to lead me  through  the Italian countryside, until I ended up at a local uninhabited house, isolated and alone.  This installation invites the view to peer through the window and examine  the contents of that house. Simulating that place within a different time and location through similar objects and placement. 

The actual scenes that I saw at the house.                                         The sculpted scene within the installation. 

Small Talk 

Strike up a conversation with a stranger and test out your imagination. 

Commissioned by Luton Council

The Mall Shopping Centre, Luton 

Nov 4-5 2017

Small Talk 

A colourful interactive installation that aims to build social bridges through the nostalgia of telephone communication, encouraging fresh perspectives and open minds. Who knows who you might find on the other end of the line?! 

Commissioned by Imagine Luton 

George St, Luton June 23-24  2018